Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are a seasoned investor/business owner or you are new to commercial real estate, we can help. If you are selling a commercial property and business or an investment property you don’t want to use a residential agent who may or may not have completed previous like-kind commercial transactions. Commercial real estate is a specialized branch of real estate that requires in-depth knowledge and experience in the asset classes, which are being sold or bought. Cygnus delivers a comprehensive platform of commercial real estate information, analytics, and advice across retail, hospitality, multifamily, and office sectors, with experience in each sector.


Selling Commercial Real Estate

The practice of getting commercial real estate sold in a timely fashion for market value requires a different skill set from residential real estate and it requires different tools. The two most important of which are those that help the seller assess the value of the asset and those that provide exposure to a broader audience than a local MLS or national exposure on a website that is known for residential properties. Waiting for a commercial buyer to find you on Zillow or is futile and a waste of everyone’s time. As a seller you want your asset to have exposure on sites that are designed for commercial brokers and that export to commercial investors. We have membership on those commercial sites and place all of our commercial listings on them.


Buying Commercial Real Estate

Working with Cygnus you will gain access to the full commercial market inventory in all asset classes. The information is detailed and valuable. We will help you analyze properties in which you may have an interest using real time data gleaned from all over the state as well as in the specific county in which you are seeking to purchase. In terms of financing a deal, we have contacts with some of the most competitive lenders in the state and a working knowledge of the various commercial loan products and their guidelines, making us well qualified to refer you to an appropriate lender.

Whether You Are Buying or Selling Commercial Real Estate

Give us a call and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

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The core values of our company are professionalism, education, innovation and kindness. We strive to bring these values to everything we do and we measure our professional success by the success of our clients. Got a question? Need help deciding to buy or sell? Contact us and we will provide fact-driven data upon which to base your decision.

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